Pegg: Star Trek XII Written

Simon Pegg, Star Trek XI‘s Scotty, says that the plot of Star Trek XII has been written.

Fans eager for the further adventures of the new Star Trek crew will have to wait for details, as information, as can be expected, is being guarded carefully.

But according to Pegg, the rivalry between Kirk and Spock will continue in the sequel. “They are busy hashing out the story and they’re excited about it,” he said. “Damon Lindelof had to finish Lost, and now they’re at it. He has said that they’re hoping to carry on the relationship between the crew and if they have the adversary.”

“Too much is said to early these days,” said Pegg, referring to another project in which he is involved, although the words could easily apply to any current movie project including Star Trek XII. “There’s too much information being disseminated and there’s no mystery any more.”

Source: Belfast Telegraph

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