Park: Enterprise Finale And Star Trek XI

Although she liked the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Linda Park would have preferred a finale that centered more on the Star Trek: Enterprise crew.

According to Park, in the finale, she felt “like an extra in a TNG story.”  These Are the Voyages wasn’t “a finale that you’d hope and dream for,” said Park, “but it was a fun finale for an actor just to be on because there were great friends around.”

Park got along well with the actors from The Next Generation though. “We hadn’t bonded with any of the other casts, really, except for the Next Generation cast,” she explained. “It was for a couple of reasons. Marina (Sirtis) and I ended up doing a small movie together, so I knew her previously. Michael Dorn and I were friends and we had the same publicist for a while. Brent Spiner had been on a few episodes, and he was so funny and wonderful. LeVar Burton had directed the show. There was a lot of crossover even before the finale had happened, and so we welcomed them with open arms because they were like friends coming to hang out some more. Jonathan (Frakes) had directed some episodes, too, and he’s such a fun guy.”

If Park could have worked on any other Star Trek series or movie, which would she have chosen? “Definitely I would say the new Star Trek movie,” she said. “It’s my sensibility to have something that completely does a fresh, fresh, fresh take on everything.”

Plus, Park is a fan of both Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine. “I think Zachary Quinto is an extraordinary actor. I hadn’t watched Heroes on TV, but I was in Bulgaria shooting a movie and didn’t have any TV there. So I downloaded all of the first season of Heroes and watched it. It was like chips; I couldn’t stop. I became a big fan of Zachary Quinto, and I thought he was an incredible Spock in the movie. Chris Pine and I have the same agent, and I’m a fan of his as well. I just saw him in The Lieutenant of Inishmore, at the Geffen in Los Angeles. So it would have been a lot of fun to work with some contemporaries who I think are pretty great.”


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