No Leap For Bakula

Although there is a movie script “in the works” for Quantum Leap, Scott Bakula is not involved with the project.

Bakula told fans attending last July’s Comic-Con that a script was supposedly being written by Quantum Leap Creator/Executive Producer Donald Bellisario for a new Quantum Leap film. His Quantum Leap fan-base loved the news, but it turns out that (so far) Bakula won’t be part of the new movie, if it is made.

“I regret that I said anything having to do with a movie script in the works,” he said. “It ended up agitating the masses, and I have to do disclaimers everywhere. There is a script in the works. Don [Bellisario] is part of it. I’m not. It’s become this whole other thing.”

In other Bakula news, the former Captain Archer was interviewed by Runner’s World. Bakula, an avid runner, talked about fitness while on the set of Star Trek: Enterprise. “We had a great gym,” he said. “My trainer put a lot of it together. We had a bunch of cool stuff.”

Sometimes Bakula would use his running time to plan out how to speak his lines on Enterprise. “I used to figure out long Enterprise speeches on the run when we were shooting that,” he said. “You’re working the whole thing out. It happens in different ways. If you’ve got a long monologue you’ve got to deliver, you have to have it memorized; for me, then you figure out how it’s going to go—I know how I want to hit it.”

Bakula hopes to participate in the Boston Marathon next spring.

Source: Entertainment Newsvia Runner's World

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