A Klingon Christmas Carol

Klingon fans living in the Midwest will be able to see A Klingon Christmas Carol during this holiday season.

The theater company that brought Hamlet to the stage in Klingon has turned its attentions to a Christmas classic, A Christmas Carol, and fans in or close enough to travel to Saint Paul, Minnesota or Chicago, Illinois will be able to experience Charles Dickens‘ classic in the original Klingon language (with English subtitles).

In A Klingon Christmas Carol, Scrooge has no honor and can only find it after being visited by three ghosts, who include both an original series and a Star Trek: The Next Generation Klingon ghost. “Can three ghosts help him to become the true warrior he ought to be in time to save Tiny Tim from a horrible fate?”

As one might expect from Klingons, there will be plenty of “great fights and batleth tournaments.” A narrative analysis will be provided from the Vulcan Institute of Cultural Anthropology.

A Klingon Christmas Carol will run from November 26 through December 19. Tickets can be purchased by heading to the link located here.

Source: Commedia Beauregard Theatre

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