Urban’s New Zealand Advantage

Karl Urban finds his New Zealand roots to be an asset when it comes to growing as an actor.

Unlike Hollywood-based actors, those from Australia and New Zealand can’t be as picky in what projects they choose to work, but that works in their favor. “Why a lot of Australasian actors are finding success offshore is because the industries [at home] aren’t that big,” explained Urban, “but it forces you as an actor to accept work in all the mediums to make a living and it strengthens you as an artist.”

Plus – Urban feels that Hollywood actors focus on the wrong thing and lose focus. “Typically Hollywood actors get top-heavy very quickly,” he said. “They’re focusing all their energy on their managers and their stylists, their agents, their dieticians – all this focus on everything but the craft.”

Happy to commute from Auckland, Urban doesn’t even mind the necessary plane rides back and forth to Los Angeles. “It’s actually the easiest thing,” he said, “you hop on a plane, fall asleep and wake up in Los Angeles.”

Urban will be seen next in Red, due to release this month, as an assassin, followed by next year’s 3D thriller Priest. In addition, Urban will take on the title role in Dredd and will reprise his role of Dr. McCoy in 2012’s Star Trek sequel.

Source: nzherald.co.nz

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