Star Trek Ultimate Fan Pack

Those looking for a holiday gift for a Star Trek fan might want to consider the Star Trek Ultimate Fan Pack, which includes six Star Trek ships and the Scene It Star Trek DVD Game.

The set, available at Costco, features the game and six Hot Wheels reproductions of familiar Star Trek ships.

The Scene It Star Trek DVD Game includes puzzles, trivia questions and clips from all six televised series, including the Animated Series, as well as the first ten Star Trek movies.

The six Hot Wheels toy ships will be of interest to Star Trek fans. The ships include: a battle-damaged USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A (from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country), the original USS Enterprise NCC-1701, a Klingon Bird of Prey (the HMS Bounty from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home), the USS Saratoga NCC-1867, a USS Enterprise NX-01 (from Star Trek: Enterprise) and the Romulan mining ship Narada (from Star Trek XI).

The Star Trek Ultimate Fan Pack will retail for $80.00


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