Star Trek Online Update

A new Star Trek: Online series and episode will debut this week featuring a new race of hostile beings who threaten both Starfleet personnel and Klingon warriors.

Series 2: The Devidians, will debut on October 16 with the first episode in this latest series, Skirmish.

According to Star Trek Online, “Thousands of Starfleet officers and KDF warriors have died in battle in the Neutral Zone. The destruction has drawn the attention of the Devidians, unseen predators who use chaos as a cover for their kills. This time, however, their plans involve more than simple survival. You must stop them before they can change the face of the Alpha Quadrant forever!”

In Skirmish, “an unexpected enemy returns when your ship is called to battle in the Neutral Zone.” Skirmish will be available to play at 11 AM PDT on Saturday, October 16.

Following Skirmish, four more episodes will appear, on subsequent Saturdays. The episodes will be: Spin the Wheel, What Lies Beneath, Everything Old Is New Again, and Night of the Comet.

Source: Star Trek Online

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