Saldana Would Like To Design Fashions

Zoë Saldana may be modeling Calvin Klein lingerie, but if she has her way, her future will include designing a fashion collection of her own.

According to Saldana, “dramatic” fashion is what she likes. She named designers Christian LaCroix and Calvin Klein as her favorites.

Prabal Gurung has been a very good friend for many years,” said Saldana. “I am in awe of the way he has carried himself and his designs recently. It would be amazing to collaborate with him.

“Calvin Klein has been such an all-American staple for me. I love what Francisco Costa does every year with his clean lines. His designs allow the woman in you to shine through. I have been wearing his dresses a lot this year.”

Saldana’s fashion collection will reflect her own style. “Our personal interpretation of art is what defines and distinguishes us from each other,” she said. I think we should always stay true to that.”

Source: Taletela

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