Pegg: Worry For The Arts

In these tough times, belts are being tightened and that includes the movie industry, both in the U.K. and in the U.S.

Pegg was not keen on one of the actions of the new government when it came to the film industry. “As soon as the coalition government got in,” he said, “the first thing they did was to start attacking the arts.”

The U.K. movie industry isn’t the only movie industry to feel the pinch of the recession. “It is uncertain times,” said Pegg. “Hollywood is in a mess, budgets are being slashed. It is worrying when even Hollywood itself is in dire straits.”

Meanwhile, Pegg is staying busy, with Burke and Hare due out this month, and his new autobiography Nerd Do Well on sale in the U.K. now and due out in the U.S. in November.

Pegg recently appeared in his home county of Gloucestershire to promote his book. He credited teachers with helping his talents emerge. “Teachers are so important,” he said. “They should be paid the same as doctors. There is a huge misconception that teaching is what you do when you stop doing something else. These people are shaping our future and they should be educated and trained like medics and paid like medics.”

Source: This is Gloucestershire

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