Pegg Autobiography Launches

Star Trek XI‘s Scotty, Simon Pegg, is now an author with the release of his new autobiography, Nerd Do Well.

Pegg originally was going to focus on his adventures in the film industry, but decided to branch out. “I sort of had the opportunity to write a book and I was going to write something to do with the films, like a production diary and fill it with pictures of the movies,” he said. “But then that kind of felt a bit boring.”

“I started to delve back deeper into the past, my past” said Pegg. “And I found a lot of …interesting stories in my childhood about things I was into at the time, things I’ve actually went on to work on as an adult, there was a lovely circularity, a lot of ironies there which I decided to explore in a very non-‘up myself’ kind of way.”

According to Pegg, between the pages of the book, fans will find that there is “adventure, there’s fun, there’s love, a little bit of sex, not much, and also some fantastically fun stories about farting teachers and…that’s the kind of thing.”

The book went on sale in the UK today and will release in the US at the beginning of November. Pegg can be seen talking about it in the video located here.


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