New Burke And Hare Trailer

A trailer for the John Landis black comedy Burke and Hare, in which Simon Pegg plays grave robber/serial killer William Burke, is online for fans to watch.

In Edinburgh, Scotland, William Burke and William Hare murdered seventeen people between 1827-1828 so that they could sell the bodies of the victims to Edinburgh Medical College for research purposes.

Burke and Hare were murderers, but that doesn’t make them unsympathetic characters. “Hare’s the mastermind, the schemer,” said Pegg. “Burke’s a little more of a frustrated romantic. But they weren’t hand-rubbing, evil villains; they kind of fell into it, really. They felt they were justified. The movie dares you to be sympathetic towards them and, quite cannily, actually feel a little for them. And you constantly have to keep going, ‘No! They’re bad!'”

Burke And Hare will be released October 29 in the United Kingdom.


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