Haynes Enterprise Manual To Debut

Fans of the Haynes Manuals who are also Star Trek fans will be pleased to know that one of the D.I.Y. illustrated guides will be released in several weeks which will focus on Star Trek ships.

The U.S.S. Enterprise Owners’ Workshop Manual will be released next month, and will include illustrations, cutaways and technical information about the NX-01, NCC-1701 and NCC-1701A through NCC-1701E.

Fans will enjoy how the manual will show the progression of ship design from the NX-01 through the NCC-1701E, according to Haynes Publishing Editor Derek Smith. “The Haynes Enterprise Manual covers the various Enterprises, some in more depth than others, at a level that is accessible to anyone. So it was really about getting the level of technical detail just right. What’s also important is that the book shows how the design of these ships evolved from NX-01 through to NCC-1701-E. Along the way we go into more detail about the key technologies used on board. People want to know how warp engines work. We explain that. People want to know how transporters work. We explain that.”

According to Smith, the detail for each ship includes “a full-ship cutaway of each one, gorgeous elevation renders, plus renders of key internal locations such as the bridge, transporter room, sickbay and so on. Each ship has a comprehensive systems overview and we discuss key developments that feature in its design compared with its predecessors and successors. We cover defensive systems, deflectors, shuttles, computer systems, crew facilities – pretty much every onboard system. Sadly though, we had to draw the line somewhere, and so we don’t cover things that aren’t nailed down. So no tricorders and no personal weapons, unfortunately.”

The book can be pre-ordered at the Official Star Trek Store or through Amazon.com.

Source: StarTrek.com

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