Abrams Super 8 Footage

Recently, YouTube user wblankenship found out that J.J. Abrams’/Steven Spielberg Super 8 was being filmed in his hometown of Weirton, West Virginia, so he went down to have a look at the set during filming and has posted a six minute YouTube video of the filming.

Not many details have emerged about Super 8, but it is known that while using their Super 8 camera, a group of kids find and film something unexpected, alien life.

“I just recently found out that the movie Super 8 was being filmed in my hometown and we walked down to see the set last night (10/08/10) during filming,” said Wblankenship. “There were a lot of military vehicles, soldiers, and 70’s cars. (We even caught glimpse of one of the stunt cars) The whole place was lit up by huge stadium lights and it looked like they were shooting with a camera on a big crane arm. Hope you enjoy.”

Wblankenship and other locals gathered to watch the proceedings. The video shows period cars and military vehicles, including a tank rolling down a street. Some of the military vehicles fired their weapons.


Source: YouTube

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