Williams-Crosby As The Klingon Vixis

The actress who played Vixis, the first officer aboard Captain Klaa’s Klingon Bird-of-Prey in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, wanted to turn down the role at first.

Spice Williams-Crosby was disappointed when she found out that she was not going to play the love interest of Captain Kirk as she had hoped. “I was so excited because I just knew that I was finally going to play Capt Kirk’s love interest,” said Williams-Crosby. “Once I got the script I asked the casting director, ‘Could you please tell me a little bit about Vixis?’ Bill Shepard, the casting director said, ‘Well, Vixis is the first office Klingon on the Bird of Prey.’  I gasped! Oh no, not a Klingon.”

The actress then went and called her agent to explain that she couldn’t play the part. “Carmella, I can’t play this part,” she said. “Vixis is a Klingon and Klingons hate Captain Kirk!” After “many choice words,” her agent told Williams-Crosby to “put my head back on and go learn the lines!”

Williams-Crosby got down to work, which included rehearsals with Todd Bryant, who played Captain Klaa. “Todd and I immediately hit it off and he came to my house three days a week to rehearse,” said Williams-Crosby. “Well, I bribed him by making him lunch when he came over! Such a Vixis thing to do! Anyway, Todd was and still is amazing! We became best friends and we are like brother and sister.”

Some scenes were cut from the movie, and Williams-Crosby would love to see a restored and remastered Star Trek V which would include some of those cut scenes. “Well, this would be a dream come true,” she said. “First of all, Bill [Shatner] was an amazing director and had the same creative visions as myself and Todd Bryant had. There were some wonderful scenes between myself and Todd (Vixis & Klaa) that wound up on the floor of the editing room and someone dropped the ball on the SFX along with other things that should have been in that film.”

Source: TrekWeb

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