Trek Or Treat

Halloween is approaching, and some Star Trek fans like to step out to parties dressed as their favorite Star Trek character.

Howard Beige, executive vice president of Rubie’s Costume Company, shares details on planning of and the making of Star Trek-themed costumes.

The first thing is to decide which costume to make. “Once we’ve got a direction, an idea, and can say, for example, ‘We want to make a Mr. Spock costume from the original TV series,’ we look at reference materials that show us what the costume looks like and all, showing us the unique elements of the outfit and create a concept drawing with actual fabric swatches. After the sketch stage we go into making an actual prototype of the outfit and then put the costume into production.”

The adult costumes sell all year-round and according to Beige, a normal production run for each costume varies. “It depends on the popularity,” he said, “but a normal cutting for us, a normal production run, is between four thousand and ten thousand of a particular style.”

For 2010, Trek costumes have been added for a new age group, babies. “For 2010, we’ve actually added – believe it or not, in infant and newborn sizes – the classic Captain Kirk and classic Mr. Spock costumes. This way parents can share their affection for Star Trek with their very young children.”


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