To Boldly Go To The Great Beyond

Star Trek fans who prefer to be cremated when their time comes can now have their ashes stored in a Star Trek-themed urn.

Eternal Image, Inc, a company who designs, manufactures and markets officially licensed memorial products, has announced the Star Trek urn, which will be available in two models.

“Eternal Image’s official Star Trek urn offers fans a unique expression of their love for the franchise,” said Clint Mytych, President & CEO, Eternal Image. “Star Trek fans worldwide have been awaiting this release, and in fact we’ve garnered nearly three hundred pre-order inquiries for this urn.”

The urn has a capacity of one hundred-and-ninety cubic inches and is “built with an urn body made from a composite blend of natural minerals, an etched stainless steel face plate and name scroll, and an image of the Starship Enterprise printed on anodized aluminum. It features a cut-out of the famous Star Trek Delta symbol through which you can see the famed Starship Enterprise flying through space,” according to the press release.

Officially licensed from CBS Consumer Products, two models will be offered: To Boldly Go, and The Voyage Continues. The suggested retail price for an urn will be $799, and the urn should begin shipping on or around October 1, 2010.

Source: The Street

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