Slice It Up, Scotty

A new gadget, courtesy of ThinkGeek, is one of the more interesting Star Trek merchandise offerings to come along in a while.

The gadget is the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter, modeled after the original series Enterprise.

“After years of staring at the iconic shape of the Star Trek Enterprise we finally realized in one ‘aha!’ moment what the saucer section of the ship was best used for… cutting pizza,” said Ty Liotta, ThinkGeek senior merchandiser. “After a bit of ergonomic adjustment we ended up with the best pizza wheel on this side of the galaxy.”

The sharp stainless-steel blade of the hull will ensure a perfectly cut slice of pizza. The body of the pizza cutter is made of a zinc-alloy and is chromium plated. The pizza cutter, an officially licensed Star Trek collectible, is 8.5 inches in length.

The pizza cutter can be ordered here.


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