Kellerman And Lockwood: Where No Man Has Gone Before

Forty-four years after Where No Man Has Gone Before aired, Star Trek fans still remember Sally Kellerman and Gary Lockwood and still ask them questions about the episode.

The actors had no idea that what was just another job for them would still be reaping benefits in 2010, when both actors would appear at Star Trek conventions to talk about their appearances in the episode. “We had no idea we’d be talking about it forty-four years later,” said Kellerman, “but it’s really great. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. We really had nothing to do with it. We just happened to be in the episode.”

The question fans ask them most often concerns the silver-colored contacts they wore. “They ask ‘Did the eyes hurt?’ said Lockwood. According to Lockwood, the contacts were painful to wear.

Kellerman was able to walk away with a souvenir from her time on the show, one of the phaser rifles. “The prop man gave it to her,” said Lockwood. “That’s true,” said Kellerman.

Lockwood is now retired and remodels his two houses. He travels around the world and does conventions. “I’m happy being retired and just getting out there once in a while for these kind of shows [Star Trek, 2001: A Space Odyssey].”

Kellerman has a CD out called “Sally” and has just finished a film called Night Club. Her website is


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