Two Trek Games In Planning Stages

In 2011, Star Trek gaming fans can look forward to two new Star Trek games courtesy of Wizkids.

The games will be Star Trek: Fleet Captains, a competitive tactical game, and Star Trek: Expeditions, a cooperative game.

In Star Trek: Fleet Captains, players choose a fleet of ships and then based on the ship type, will use a deck of mission cards. The game will include scale models of different Star Trek vessels.

The second game, Star Trek: Expeditions is a cooperative game which features a standard Star Trek episode plot in which the Federation arrives at a planet to guide it through the process of becoming a member of the Federation only to find that the Klingons are there ahead of them and that other complications have arisen.

In Star Trek: Expeditions, a player will have the experience of creating his or her own Star Trek episode.

Both games will debut next year, with Star Trek: Expeditions appearing first, then Star Trek: Fleet Captains.

Source: IO9

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