Trek Auction Fetches Almost $300,000

Earlier this month, a Star Trek auction by Propworx was held at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel, as reported by TrekToday; featuring props, furniture, artwork, models and costumes.

Two pieces from the original series era commanded the highest prices, while a photo of Data’s cat Spot brought in more than ten times its estimated value.

An original series translight from the TOS bridge sold for the highest price, $16,800. The bridge translight shows the actual schematic of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

The second-highest price was for a Klingon Battlecruiser model, which sold for $12,000. The model was created for Star Trek: The Motion Picture but was never used in the movie. This model was based on an original model now in the National Air & Space Museum.

Robert Picardo (EMH) was in attendance to auction off the chair in which he sat during his time on Star Trek: Voyager. The chair sold for $3,000 and a translight that had been behind the doctor’s desk went for $4,000.

The surprise of the auction was the popularity of Data’s painting of his cat, Spot. Originally thought to be worth between $200-$400, the painting sold for $8,400, with three different bidders in attendance at the auction vying for the honor of taking the painting home with them.


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