Star Trek Captain’s Log iPhone App Contest

The official Star Trek Captain’s Log iPhone 4 application, which turns one’s iPhone into a Star Trek communicator, is on sale through August 8th in honor of the Official Star Trek Convention 2010 being held in Las Vegas, but five lucky readers of TrekToday will get the app for free with codes that can be redeemed at the Apple App store.

The recently released app is inspired by Star Trek. Users can “capture voice recordings, text entries, take photos and map GPS locations of their voyages as they travel planet Earth.”

With the Star Trek Captain’s Log app, “officers can select their preferred Enterprise class level, whether taking the role of Captain, Engineering, Science/Medical, Enterprise, or assuming the identity an enemy Romulan or Klingon officer.

“Users can share their logs with friends on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and via email, with other Captain’s Log iPhone users, or choose to keep logs as private personal records.

To deliver the most advanced Starfleet communicator to date, Captain’s Log utilizes iPhone 4 features including front-facing camera, retina display, multitasking capabilities and gyroscope support, showcasing a 3D model of the Starship Enterprise. The application works with iPhone and iPod Touch devices running iOS 4.”

The five winners of the Star Trek Captain’s Log app will be chosen randomly from those who correctly answer the following trivia question. “What was the name of Captain Picard’s lionfish?”

Send your answer to by 11:59 P.M. Sunday, August 8. Winners will be notified by email the next day.

The app can be purchased here.

Source: Paramount Digital Entertainment Press Release

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