Picardo In Monsterwolf

Roberto Picardo, Star Trek Voyager‘s EMH, will be starring in SyFy’s Monsterwolf, which will air this autumn.

Monsterwolf, an original SyFy movie, will feature Picardo as Mr. Stark in a movie about what happens when an animal spirit is inadvertently released.

According to the SyFy press release, “Monsterwolf premieres Saturday, October 9, at 9 P.M. On the outskirts of a small Louisiana town, a drilling crew sets blast charges to tap an oil deposit, releasing the Kachinawaya, a Native American animal spirit meant to protect Indian lands from invaders. Stars Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and Jason London (Wildfire).


Source: RobertPicardo.comvia Monsterwolf Facebook Page

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