Greenwood: Pike Essential To Trek

Bruce Greenwood, who played Captain Christopher Pike in Star Trek XI, would like to see more of Pike in future Trek.

Greenwood would love to return to Trek, and he couldn’t resist giving his tongue-in-cheek opinion of Pike’s importance to the Star Trek franchise in a recent interview. “I think Captain Pike is an essential component to the whole franchise,” he said. “I think there should be a whole offshoot of Pike’s adventures.”

But what about Pike’s physical impairment? Would that make a difference? Not according to Greenwood. “There’s nothing that says Pike can’t get up and out of that wheelchair, get his own ship and go off on some adventures of his own. I’m now an admiral, but I want to get out of the wheelchair.”

It is not known if Pike will be back in Star Trek XII, but fans, as well as Greenwood, can only hope.

Source: SyFy

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