Urban Comic-Con Trek Talk

As Comic-Con continues, Star Trek actors speak up about the sequel due out in 2012, with Karl Urban being the latest to offer his thoughts on progress of the film.

Urban, who is in negotiations for the role of Judge Dredd in the movie of the same name after being offered the part by director Pete Travis, spoke about his various projects, either confirming or denying his involvement with several movies.

Shooting for Star Trek XII will “most likely happen mid next year,” said Urban. “May or June next year.” This contrasts with what Bruce Greenwood said recently about filming beginning in January.

Urban believes that J.J. Abrams will direct Star Trek XII, but doesn’t know that for certain, although he is hopeful. “I haven’t heard anything,” he said. “I certainly hope so. Knowing J.J. I think he will have a pretty tough time handing this baby off to someone off. He was such an instrumental force of nature in delivering that film and creating those characters and ensuring that the Star Trek that was released was not some vacuous special effects extravaganza and that it was a character driven film. My hopes are that he will come back to the director’s chair.”

Regarding Judge Dredd, Urban was offered the role after a meeting with Pete Travis and Andrew McDonald. “We’ve had a really wonderful meeting of the minds and long story short, they have offered me the role and we’re in the process of making that happen,” he said.

Urban debunked rumors that he was involved in the next Final Destination movie, Relentless and Hired Guns.

Source: Collider.com

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