StarTrek.Com Solicits Fan Input

In a conference call with CBS Consumer Products, more information was given concerning today’s relaunch of and plans for its future. wants fan to help shape, as the site evolves over time. Released in beta, the website is expected to change in the near future, with plenty of updates and new content.

Items of interest to fans and readers:

  • Fans, as well as official contributors, will be contributing articles to the site. Expect to see this within the next two weeks.
  • The site will be all-inclusive when it comes to fandom, not merely focusing on merchandising.
  • Due to legal issues, fan-produced videos (mash-ups, etc.) won’t be part of the site. There will be plenty of exclusive interviews for fans to enjoy though.
  • The database will be frequently updated.
  • Some merchandise will be exclusive to
  • Streaming episodes are U.S.-only due to issues with rights, as is common. Exclusive interviews will be available world-wide.
  • In time, expect full episodes from all the Star Trek television series. Currently, episodes are available only for the original series and most of Star Trek: Enterprise.
  • No word yet on whether will be the exclusive website for Star Trek XII, or if there will be a separate site for the next Abrams movie.
  • A fan club may be part of in future.

For any suggestions on how to improve the site, contact the reporter at


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