Star Trek Online Season Two Releases

Star Trek: Online has released its second season, “Ancient Enemies” with new episodes, rewards and content.

In “Ancient Enemies,” players will “encounter and do battle with even more of Star Trek‘s iconic races,” as they enjoy new episodes including eight Klingon episodes.

The Klingon episodes star the Fek’ihri, who are the “fabled enemy of Kahless, Klingon Empire founder.” The Fek’ihri are after Qo’noS and Klingon warriors will need to protect their home planet.

In the Federation Diplomatic Corps, for those who would rather engage in diplomacy than wield weapons, new First Contact missions will allow players to meet and interact with brand new civilizations, earning special ranks and rewards within the Corps.

The Undine are back in Season Two, and players will venture into their territory, Fluidic space, to learn more about them, in five new episodes, a Fleet Action and all new Deep Space Encounters.

Two new mini-games make their debut in Season Two: Dabo, where players can earn gold-pressed latinum with which they can buy special rewards; and Anomaly Scan, where players learn how to find more anomalies than normal, improving their yields in Star Trek: Online.

Each week, a new Feature Episode will be released, starting in August. In these episodes, players will be introduced to a new “neutral mission giving race,” the Deferi.

Source: Star Trek: Online

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