Saldana Graces GQ Cover

Zoë Saldana will be on the cover of the August issue of GQ UK.

In addition to being on the cover of GQ UK, Saldana was interviewed for the issue, where she talks about her career, body, men and life in Queens, N.Y.

Saldana spoke about her role as Neytiri in Avatar, explaining how she approached the role. “I didn’t know what the hell I was doing,” she said. “I just instinctively played her like an animal. I don’t mean like a savage; I just knew that she operates on natural, organic feelings. She’s not calculated or manipulative. There’s an innocence to her, a purity.

Humans aren’t always quite so pure though, and Saldana dislikes certain traits in her fellow humans. “The only thing I can’t tolerate in a human being, especially in a man, is ignorance,” she said. “Somebody who talks in labels, or talks just to hear themselves speak. To me, judgment day is when you open your mouth and say something that lets me know what kind of personality you have. I mean, I’m not saying I love a man who cries, but I think that can be very sexy.”

Other photos from the issue can be seen here.

Source: The Vine

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