Pinkner Wants Nimoy Return

Fringe Producer Jeff Pinkner told a Comic-Con audience that he would like to see Leonard Nimoy return as William Bell.

Nimoy’s character was killed off in the second season finale, but that would not be a problem as far as Pinkner is concerned. “Should we be able to convince him to come out of retirement again, we have another story in mind [for Bell].

Pinkner praised Nimoy. “He really was so unbelievably gracious,” said Pinkner. He was initially nervous that we just wanted him for promotional value, but we really wanted to give him a swansong role.”

Could Nimoy, who announced his retirement this year, return as Bell? “This is science fiction,” said Nimoy. “I have died in science fiction many times and somehow magically or scientifically come back.”

Source: Digital Spy

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