Pine Wasn’t Always Drawn To Acting

Although he seems to be doing quite well as an actor, Chris Pine was more interested in sports when he was younger.

Some actors know from childhood that they want to act, but for Pine, he didn’t discover acting until he went to college and got involved in theater. “It satisfied everything I enjoyed about using your mind and being in front of people and the charge of that,” he said.

A lack of talent in sports helped make the decision easy for Pine as he got older. “I played basketball and baseball,” he said. “I was no good by any stretch.” As for acting, “It was just a good fit for me. Ironically enough, I had been around it all my life.”

Pine is currently back on the stage, playing an Irish terrorist in The Lieutenant of Inishmore, where he is on a quest to save his cat. According to Pine, working in the play is “like being a rock star. It’s two hours; it’s quick; it’s fast.”

The Lieutenant of Inishmore is currently running at the Mark Taper Forum at the Music Center in downtown Los Angeles from now through August 8.

Source: Extra

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