Orci: Star Trek XII Update

Not all of the information is coming out at panels and official interviews at Comic-Con, in some cases, news is being gleaned during informal meetings or at Comic-Con parties.

Roberto Orci answered questions about various topics, including Star Trek XII, at one of those Comic-Con parties last night.

Orci spoke briefly about Star Trek XII, speaking first about progress on the story. “We have a story that we like and we just gotta get cranking it out,” he said. Previously, Orci and [Alex] Kurtzman had said that a story was halfway done, and that they were “seeing if it really sticks,” and “going to go pick at it and pull at it” to see if it “stays standing.”

Regarding the debate over whether to have Khan in the story or not, Orci encouraged those online to weigh in with their opinions on the matter.  “We’ll see what happens,” he said. “Log in, vote, speak up, we’ll listen.”

Source: IO9

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