Hemsworth Thor Role Thanks To Brother

Chris Hemsworth, best-known to Star Trek fans for his role as the doomed father of James T. Kirk, can thank his brother, Liam Hemsworth, for helping him land the role of Thor.

The help came as a result of a failed audition for Liam Hemsworth, who was also auditioning for Thor.

“I have enough trouble getting myself a part let alone my brother, but we both auditioned for it funny enough,” explained Hemsworth. “I had an audition, didn’t hear anything, then he was in Australia and sent a tape across. The next minute I heard they were flying him over to meet Ken[neth Branagh] and he was down to the last four guys, and I was like, ‘What?’ He went in, did a great job and it didn’t end up happening.”

Liam gave tips to brother Chris and Chris ultimately got the role. “Then I got another phone call, and was like, ‘S–t, what worked, what didn’t?'” said Hemsworth. “‘Tell me what he said.’ I got some advice and here we are.”

Hemsworth credited his family relationships with helping him to play certain roles. “Anything to do with brothers and fathers, I have a great relationship with my brothers and father and stuff to draw from. That stuff always lights a fire in me. Even when I see it on screen, it affects me.”

Thor will release next summer.

Source: Starpulse

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