Hallmark 2011 Star Trek Ornaments

The Star Trek Christmas ornaments for 2011 have been unveiled and fans of Spock will enjoy two of the three ornaments.

The 2011 ornaments focus on the original series this year, with one character ornament, one scene from an original series show and a ship ornament.

The character ornament is Mr. Spock. Sculpted by Anita Marra Rogers, this ornament of the Vulcan Science Officer holding his tricorder is the second in the Star Trek Legends series.

A “Mirror, Mirror” ornament features a scene from the original series episode of the same name. The scene is the Mirror Universe Sickbay and M.U. Spock is extracting information from Dr. McCoy in a mind meld. The ornament, sculpted by Valerie Shanks, includes dialogue from that scene.

Finally, Romulan lovers will be pleased with the ship ornament for 2011. Lynn Norton has sculpted a Romulan Bird of Prey. The ornament features lights in the ship’s plasma torpedo launcher and an underside decorated with a colorful bird.

The ornaments will go on sale in July of 2011.

Source: Startrek.com

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