The Captains: More Than Shatner

Earlier this month, TrekToday reported on The Captains, a feature documentary directed by William Shatner.

More information has come out regarding the movie, originally thought to be solely about Shatner’s career.

Shatner explained a bit more about The Captains, due out next year. “I’m talking to all the captains of Star Trek,” said Shatner. “I’m hoping to find out things about them that even they themselves don’t know. And in the process, find out about myself.”

Yesterday, filming for the documentary took place at Chuy’s Mesquite Grill in Moorpark (L.A. area), where Shatner used one of the two dining rooms for the movie shoot. Shatner interviewed other actors, including Scott Bakula (Archer).

“We’re just trying to stay out of their way,” said restaurant manager Andy Hessick. Shatner is a regular at the restaurant.

Although Shatner has directed before (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, and various TV episodes), this will be the first time he has directed a documentary film.

Source: Ventura County Starvia Vancouver Sun

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