Stewart-Corden Spat Awkward For Saldana

Normally, the only stress involved in going onstage to collect an award happens when one trips on the way up to the podium, or forgets an acceptance speech, but for Zoë Saldana, receiving her award meant trying to stay out of a fight between the host of the ceremony and Sir Patrick Stewart.

At last night’s Glamour Awards in London, Stewart, onstage to present the gong for Film Actress of the Year to Saldana, took issue with how comedian James Corden was standing.

Stewart told Corden not to stand at the back with his hands in his pocket, because it made Corden look like he would rather be somewhere else when people came up to collect their awards. “From where I was sitting,” said Stewart, “I could see your belly. And that was from right over there at the back of the room. These people down here…”

Corden replied, “Sorry, I’m waiting for the punchline. Go on. You could see my belly, but I can see you dying right now.”

“One more, do you want one more?” asked Stewart. “If you fancy the Jonas Brothers, cover your belly.”

Then Stewart gave Saldana her award. Saldana defended Corden, saying, “For whatever it’s worth, I like your belly.”

As Corden and Stewart continued to argue in the background, she said, “But I would pay to see Sir Patrick Stewart dying on stage any day.”

A video of the verbal altercation can be seen here, about halfway down the page.

Source: Daily Mail

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