Star Trek Online Season One Update

The latest changes to the Star Trek: Online MMORPG are set forth in “Season One: Update Two.”

There are updates and changes in the following areas: Accolades, Squad Support, Quality Of Life Improvements and the C-Store.

The Accolades System is a new way for players to track their statistics, show off tactical skills and to advance in the game.

Accolades are special missions that keep track of player achievements such as defeating a certain amount of enemies, completing main storyline missions and other player actions, and then rewards are provided at certain milestones. There are “hundreds of Accolades to earn,” with more to be added in the future. Details on Accolades can be seen here.

In the Squad Support System, players of any level can team up using special level scaling technology. In this manner, friends of differing levels can play together. Details of the Squad Support System can be seen here.

The C-Store is new and improved and more user-friendly. Coming to the store soon will be the Comet, a new Federation ship variant of the Luna class, a new four-pack of character slots and Emote Pack II (Bow, Air Guitar and Dance).

The full release notes are located here.

Source: Star Trek Online

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