Son Of Q Speaks

Keegan de Lancie, son of John de Lancie (Q), made an appearance at Wizard World Philly 2010 where he spoke about his life after playing Q’s son on Star Trek: Voyager.

Unlike many actors, de Lancie was more interested in another career and he headed to college and pursued that goal, ending up working for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) a United Nations Agency.

It was not difficult to make the transition from acting to college and then the U.N., according to de Lancie. “To be honest, that was always my interest,” he said. “So I did some acting, some singing, what have you, in high school, but my academic interests were always international development, diplomacy, and conflict resolution. I went from high school to college, studied that in college, and then straight to the Middle East to work.”

De Lancie rarely does conventions due to his schedule, but was able to meet up with his father for Wizard World Philly 2010. “I had an interview with the State Department in Washington, so I was there last week,” said de Lancie. “And then I was in the country and decided I’d come up and see, my parents were coming to the East Coast, so I figured I’d visit them. So really it’s sort of serendipitous that this happened at the same time and that I was in the country for it. So we came to do it together because we’re already together.”

Was his father relieved that de Lancie decided on a different career path than acting? “I think so, yes,” said de Lancie. “Very much.”

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Source: Geekadelphia

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