Nimoy: I’ll Be Back

Leonard Nimoy won’t be returning to Star Trek or other acting, but was merely borrowing a line from Arnold Schwarzenegger while promoting a new game.

Nimoy was at the Electronic Entertainment Expo promoting Yoostar 2, a “movie karaoke” game from Blitz Games.

Yoostar 2 uses green-screen technology and a camera to let players “immerse themselves in famous movie scenes,” including Terminator, Casablanca, The Blues Brothers and other movies,

Nimoy was taking on the role of Schwarzenegger in Terminator. “Where was the timing off?” he asked after seeing his score on the game. “Can you tell me?” When told that the reporters present were interfering with his signal, he said “Don’t screw up my game,” mock-threateningly.

Yoostar 2 will release around the holidays.

Source: CNN

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