New Star Trek Online Items

Several new items for Star Trek Online players are now available in the Cryptic Store.

New items include ships, costume packs, members of alien races, and other lifeforms.

The Caitian, a felinoid race and member of the United Federation of Planets since the 23rd century, are available as bridge officers.

Other beings available include a playable joined Trill or two liberated Borg bridge officers (Federation or Klingon).

New costume packs include costumes from Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation, the original series, the Mirror Universe, and costumes from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Federation players who are fans of cute and cuddly (if prolific) can purchase a rare Polygeminus grex Rivera, otherwise known as a Tribble. Hide the quadrotriticale! For Klingon players, if a Tribble is not to one’s liking, a pet Targ is also available.

Finally, original series fans can have their own Constitution class cruiser with a new offering in the Cryptic store. There are other various ships offered in the store, including ships from the Comet, Nomad, Maelstrom, Nimbus, Haphaestus and Imperial classes.

Source: Star Trek Online

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