$#*! My Dad Says Trailer Online

Fans waiting for CBS’s $#*! My Dad Says can watch a new trailer uploaded to YouTube.

According to CBS, the Shat hits the fan this autumn, but fans of Justin Halpern‘s father’s utterances can get an idea now of what to expect when the show airs.

In the short video, those involved with creating the show, including Executive Producers/Writers Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, William Shatner (who will play “Ed Goodson” the profane father) and Justin Halpern (who created the original Twitter feed that has become so popular) and others talk about the show, and share clips of the action.

Halpern explained how the Twitter account got its name. “When I was trying to put it on Twitter,” he said, “they made me fill out all this stuff, ‘what do you want to call it?’, ah this is ‘shit my dad says.'”

One scene in the trailer shows Shatner as Goodson asking his son (Henry) why he doesn’t introduce his girlfriend to him. “She’s just my roommate, not my girlfriend,” says Henry. “Why not?” asks Goodson. Henry explains that the woman dated his best friend for years, and that “You don’t mow another guy’s lawn.” “You do if the house is abandoned and the lawn is begging to be mowed,” replied Goodson.


Source: YouTube

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