Mondo Star Trek Poster Debuts

A new partnership between Mondo and CBS has resulted in a new line of posters, beginning with a familiar villain from the original series.

For the next poster in its series, Mondo will need to make more, as the entire run of the first poster, which featured Khan from Space Seed, sold out in an hour.

The 24″ by 36″ screen print with metallic ink is hand numbered and printed by D&L Screen Printing.  The artist, Martin Ansin, shared his thoughts on creating the poster of Khan. “I wanted the poster to work in a rational way, almost like a chart,” he explained, “many bits of information are shown as graphic elements.”

“In there you may find several references to the Space Seed episode: modified DNA, a shadowy hand that could take over the globe, the universe or just a small planet (spoiler!), some data sets, and even Castor and Pollux (the Gemini constellation), a tip by Prof. Rob Jones; as the original writers meant for Khan to be a reflection of Kirk, like Castor and Pollux, they too are connected through their attributes as leaders.”

Source: Mondotees

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