Kurtzman And Orci Trek Update

While at the Saturn Awards a few days ago, Star Trek XI co-writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci spoke about their various projects, including Star Trek XII.

Although Star Trek XII doesn’t release until June of 2012, eager fans want to know what story progress Kurtzman and Orci have made in writing the next saga of the Star Trek story and who the villain of the piece will be.

The story for Star Trek XII is well underway. “I’d say we’re halfway through the story,” said Orci. “We’re halfway through all of us going back over what we’ve talked about and seeing if it really sticks. We built a little … castle story-wise and now we’re going to go pick at it and pull at it and if it stays standing we know what we have.”

Fans want to know who the villain will be in Star Trek XII and while Kurtzman spoke about the role of the villain in the movie, he offered no specifics. “Well, I think space itself is either an ally or a villain in a lot the Trek movies, so that will always play a part,” he said, “but of course, I think the last time we spoke, we talked about the fact that sequels tend to be for villains. I think that the challenge of Trek is making sure that you are still telling the story of what it means for this bridge crew as we established in the first movie to now be on their next adventure.”

But have they come up with the villain yet? “I think we are circling,” said Kurtzman.

A second video interview with Kurtzman and Orci is available here.

Source: Collider.com

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