Star Trek Online Free Trial Weekend

For former Star Trek: Online players and for those who have never played the game before, next weekend will provide an opportunity to play Star Trek: Online.

A Star Trek: Online “Welcome Back Weekend” will run from 10 A.M. on May 7 through 10 A.M. May 10 for returning players.

Returning players will be able to reactivate their accounts and to play unrestricted for the three day period. The game client will be available for download earlier in the week so that the player will be good to go when the free trial period begins.

For those who have never played Star Trek: Online, a free demo option will begin on May 7. In this demo, players can only play the first few missions, but there is no end date on the demo, which means new players have plenty of time to complete the demo, which can be pre-loaded beginning May 3.

In other Star Trek: Online news, Cryptic is offering rewards to players who refer friends to Star Trek: Online, with the rewards being special items, game time, Cryptic Points and other in-line game items.

Another perk for players is that the more they play, the more rewards they gain. In the Star Trek Online Veteran Rewards program, players are reviewed every one hundred days and based on their play time, can be given skill point bonuses, titles, costume pieces and character slots.

Source: Geek.comvia Colloquy

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