Shatner: No Six Hundred Million From Priceline

William Shatner denied that he has made over six hundred million dollars from his work on Priceline.

Recently, reports on the Internet have claimed that the Priceline pitchman made the decision to take Priceline shares as part of his payment when he was hired in 1997 to promote the travel site, and that that decision paid off handsomely.

But Shatner denied the six hundred million dollar figure in his latest Tweets. “Someone stupid said a stupid thing about me making $600M,” he said. “It ain’t so. Relatives are coming out of the woodwork. Too bad it never happened.”

“Wow, I have a lot of Twitter-nieces and -nephews,” he tweeted later. “I don’t know how far I’ll be able to stretch 600M invisible dollars.”

Source: Twitter

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