Shatner: Acting And Aging

When it comes to continuing an acting career as one ages, deciding when to stay or when to go should be done logically and not emotionally, according to William Shatner.

Shatner has had a long and successful career, but knowing when to end it and move on with the rest of his life is not something that is easy for an actor to do. “…it’s a game for the young and the beautiful,” he said of the acting profession.

“When you’re young and beautiful and talented, you have a real shot,” he said. “When you’re a little bit older and you’re not as beautiful and the next beauty is coming up, more often than not you’re starting to see the end of your career.

“What do you do with the rest of your life? When do you make the decision: Should I try something else, or do I hang on and hope for the best? It’s a critical, life-changing decision, and it has to be made clear-eyed and not with an emotional point of view. And that’s difficult because you’re already emotional.”

Aging or not, the roles are still coming through for Shatner, who will be seen next in $#*! My Dad Says, which premieres this fall.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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