Pegg: In The Dark About Star Trek 2

Star Trek fans are eagerly awaiting the sequel to 2009’s Star Trek XI, but even the actors involved in the J.J. Abrams sequel aren’t sure when shooting will begin.

Star Trek 2 is due to be released next year and while Pegg knows that he’ll be Scotty again in the sequel, he has no idea as to when shooting will begin. “Hell yeah! Of course, I’m Scotty – but I don’t know yet, [we’ll start] probably end of the year or beginning of the next.”

Pegg, speaking at the National Movie Awards, also spoke about the film industry and the impact of the recent economic woes on filmmaking. “There have been a lot of big movies, there have been a lot of smaller indie films that have done really well,” he said. “The film industry persists, despite everything.

“We got a bit of a knock with the financial crisis – it’s always tough to make films here in the UK because there’s no central funding body but we’ve got the council, we’ve got the lottery and a lot of people who want to invest so hopefully we’ll keep making films.”

Source: The Mirror

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