New Trek Magazine To Debut

Federation Communicator magazine, the official publication of the International Federation of Trekkers, will debut in June.

According to a press release, the Federation Communicator “will focus on the extraordinary and diverse talent within the Federation (IFT), drawing attention to the accomplishments of its members, chapters and GEO commands, as well as presenting news from around the Star Trek universe.  Carrying forth its guiding principle — to spotlight the worthy accomplishments of those endeavoring to ‘live the dream’ — Communicator will blaze new trails in fan-based journalism.  With timely features, award-winning writing and beautiful, cutting-edge presentation, Communicator will help to re-define the very role of fandom and bring new attention to a worthy and history-making organization.”

IFT President and Co-founder Russ Haslage has named E.J. Haley as the managing editor and director of publications for the magazine.

Source: International Federation of Trekkers

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