Frakes And Sirtis: Reunion Of The Rikers

A ten-minute video featuring Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis reminiscing about their Star Trek: The Next Generation days is available at YouTube.

In the video, the pair, whose characters married in Star Trek: Nemesis, talk about their Star Trek days as well as what they would do if they could make their own half-hour sitcom.

“We have this idea for a sitcom,” said Sirtis.

“A half hour, the Rikers in Space,” added Riker, “their wacky uncle Data, their little dog Worf. Two of us, on like the Titan probably, being funny. And we’re dead serious.”

Frakes and Sirtis had wanted their characters to get married after Riker and Troi’s relationship had rekindled during Star Trek: Insurrection. Fans too wanted to see the couple wed and in the beginning of Star Trek: Nemesis, they got their wish. Much more was filmed of the wedding than was actually seen on screen, and Sirtis took a shot at the talkative Captain Picard. “Mind you, considering that it as our wedding, Old Baldy never stopped yakking,” she said.

According to Sirtis, the Next Generation actors “hit if off immediately.” But “of course, like any family…I remember having a little argument with one of the cast. One time…I’d upset Dorny a lot and I’d have to grovel and apologize, ’cause he’s so sensitive.”

Source: Escapist Magazine

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