Trek Wedding Winners Wed

Kyle Sessions and Nancy Kerr, winners of the Ultimate Star Trek Wedding from the Tech Museum in San Jose, renewed their vows on the Bridge of the USS Enterprise earlier this month.

The couple, originally married in 2004, wore Trek costumes for their ceremony. Kerr was dressed in a red original series dress, and Sessions wore Sciences blue.

When the couple entered, lines were read from Spock and T’Pring’s wedding ceremony. “Parted from me and never parted, never and always touching and touched. We meet at the appointed place.”

The pair was remarried by Reverend Rabbit, who was dressed as a Bajoran. They recited vows that they had prepared and placed on a Kindle.

“Do you promise to honor her and her commitment to the integrity of her mission?” Sessions was asked. “Do you promise to uphold the sacraments of marriage as described in Starfleet regulations, including cohabitation of quarters, equal division of domestic labor and loyalty to one’s commander and crew?”

The couple exchanged newly-purchased Star Trek communicators instead of wedding rings. A lengthy toast to the newly re-wed couple was delivered in the Klingon language.

Sessions and Kerr won the ceremony and reception, a Star Trek-themed wedding cake and a two night stay at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose.

Source: San Jose Mercury

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