Trek Stars Audubon Birding Event

Several stars from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise will be taking part in an event to support the Los Angeles Audubon Society in May.

Armin Shimerman, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips and John Billingsley are forming the “Bald(ing) Eagles of Star Trek” team, and are looking for people to sign up to join them for an “afternoon of adventure.”

“The Los Angeles Audubon promotes the protection of birds and other wildlife through recreation, education,
conservation and restoration. They are celebrating their Centennial with a ‘Bird-a-thon’, a week-long ‘species trek’ across L.A. County.

“Between May 1-May 9, teams, accompanied by experienced birders, will select a Los Angeles County hot birding spot, and venture forth, in a competition to see which team can spot the most species! ”

Thirty people will be able to join the quartet which will meet, picnic on a catered lunch and then head out to “bird.”

The price is $150 per person. This also includes the L.A. Audubon’s Centennial Celebration, which will be held directly after the afternoon of picnicking and bird-watching.

For those who can’t attend the afternoon but are interested in the Centennial Celebration, the cost for that event is $50 per person. At the Celebration, “The winning team will be lauded, drinks and grub will be consumed, and L.A. Audubon’s remarkable contribution to the health and vitality of our community will be hallelujahed.”

The L.A. Audubon website can be found here

Source: Billingsley Message Board

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