Trek Comics for the iPad

Apple’s iPad debuted today and for comic book fans, there are four new IDW comic apps available.

Fans of IDW Publishing’s Star Trek comics who purchase the new iPad will also be able to purchase comics and read them on their iPads.

According to a press release from IDW, “IDW was the first comics publisher to launch its own “in app purchase” storefronts for the iPhone and iPod touch with not one, but four new comic shop applications. For fans of G.I. Joe, Transformers and Star Trek, IDW has introduced new comic applications that offer full collections all in one app. The company also introduced the IDW Comics app, which collects the entire digital catalog. All IDW store front apps are powered by iVerse (”

“The iPad is a wonderful format for comics, as the screen size is close enough to the print size that readers can view the full page,” said IDW Director of ePublishing, Jeff Webber. “Our iPad apps are also compatible with our iPhone and iPod touch apps. So you can purchase a comic shop apps on one device, and read it on another. The apps will automatically identify which one you are using, and adjust to offer the best reading experience.”

IDW offers over four hundred individual comic issues through their App store. In addition to comics for the iPad, IDW comics are also available for the iPhone and Ipod touch.

Source: IDW Publishing

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